Old Fashioned Farm
Dedicated to a way of life
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To collect, study, document and preserve items, animals and processes available during the late 1800s and early 1900s.

The Old Fashioned Farm was created as a repository for tools, practices, plants and animals that were prevalent in the mid-to-late1800s and early 1900s. This project is a cooperative effort between collectors and enthusiast who are concerned that the information once common in everyday life is being lost. Our mission is to research, collect, reproduce and document those things that made life bearable for our forefathers with emphasis on the blacksmith, wheelwright, carriage builder and farmer.


A major part of our mission is the documentation of tools. We intend to compile manufacturing data when available and create replacement procedures when necessary. Our philosophy is to not only provide a static display of these forgotten treasures, but to document how they were used and when possible, bring them back to life.


We will also strive to provide a reliable resource for parts, tools and vehicles created from original designs and castings to support other craftsman and organizations with their historical project needs.


We are fortunate to have Chandler Coach Shop as a supplier. Harley Chandler and his brothers operate a fully functioning blacksmith, wheelwright, machine, and carriage shop. Chandler Coach has the proven ability to provide restored and reproduction vehicles and hardware ranging from full size road coaches to carriage wrench holders. Harley’s comprehensive knowledge and vast experience has proven invaluable in providing technical details pertaining to tool usage, techniques and carriage construction. His shops dedication to quality and historic accuracy is essential to our continued success.