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American Chinchilla Rabbit

The following information is taken directly from the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy web site from breeds information.

The first Chinchillas were created by a French engineer M.J. Dybowski and were shown for the first time in April 1913 at Saint-Maur, France. The new breed took the rabbit world by storm as the ideal fur rabbit, which so greatly resembled the South American Chinchilla lanigera. A Mrs. Haidee Lacy-Hulbert of Mitcham Surrey, imported the first of the breed to England in the summer of 1917. A British exhibitor presented a shipment at the New York State Fair in 1919. After the show, he sold all the stock to Edward H. Stahl and Jack Harris. The original Chinchillas were rather small at 5 to 7 1/2 pounds, and American breeders set out to produce a larger animal that would be better suited for meat and pelts. Through selective breeding for larger size, fine
bones, and a good dress-out percentage, a breed standard was issued for the Heavyweight Chinchilla. It was a larger form of the Standard Chinchilla – the same shape, color, and general make up. In 1924, both Chinchilla breeds were adopted into the standards book and shortly thereafter, the Heavyweight Chinchilla was renamed the American Chinchilla.

We were fortunate to have the opportunity to purchase four American Chinchilla Rabbits from Mr, Herman Young in Indiana. We were excited to obtain these animals as part of our continuing effort  to help preserve those breeds of farm animals which are in danger of extinction. The American Chinchilla Rabbit is currently listed as Critical on the ALBC Conservation Priority List.

The organization task with maintaining the integrity of the breed and making sure those rab
bits registered as American Chinchillas meet the established breed standards is the American Chinchilla Rabbit Breeders Association (ACRBA).  The ACRBA is located in Unionville, Indiana.

                My Grandson, Nick,  and his
                American Chinchilla Rabbit

My nephew, Cole, enjoying the              
   American Chin
chilla rabbit