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Chandler Coach

All Carriages can be ordered from Chandler Coach. Contact them at:

Chandler Coach
Petersburg, Kentucky

Seldom can an organization find a supplier with such a wide range of experience that almost any issue can be resolved at a single source.  Chandler Coach of Petersburg, Kentucky, is such a shop.  They provide full scale restorations and reproductions of coaches, carriages, farm equipment and also provide custom hardware for other organizations dedicated to historically accurate products.


Harley Chandler’s ability is well known throughout the industry both nationally and internationally. A video demonstrating some of his techniques has been produced entitled Chandler’s Coach Shop Tools and Techniques with Harley Chandler. This DVD is for sale by the Carriage Association of America with all proceeds going to benefit the Museum of America.


In the years that I have been privileged to watch the Chandlers work, I have witnessed some incredible examples of craftsmanship. 

I was there for the restoration of a Skeleton
Break that once belonged to Alfred G. Vanderbilt that was burned beyond recognition in a fire at the Hawthorn-Mellody Farm. When it was delivered to the shop it came in boxes with only a picture for reference. The wood was gone and the metal had twisted from the heat of the fire. It took considerable effort to return the remnant to its proper condition. However, when it was finished, the result was incredible. The picture shown  is of a 13-hand horse Skeleton Break with a lead box, not the Vanderbilt Skeleton Break.



A copy of a Spider Phaeton designed for a 13-hand horse originally built by Brewster has been duplicated with meticulous detail. All the iron and wood was shaped and assembled from raw material in the blacksmith,wheelwright, machine and woodwright shops.    

The picture below is of a road coach built by Chandler Coach for 13-hand horses. It should be noted that although Chandler Coach can do finish work, normally they prefer to build the coach including all the metal work such as steps, seats, railings and ladders and allow the owner to choose who will do the paint and upholstery.


Chandler Coach has also produced a historically accurate mail phaeton as seen in the picture below.



It is possible to order carriage parts from Chandler Coach. An example of specialized parts built at the shop is these screens pictured below which are similar to those used under the seat of a Brewster Bronson Wagon.




The craftsmen at Chandler Coach are not limited to horse drawn equipment. It is not unusual for them to be called to recreate structural detail for historic homes. They produce such items as gutter hangers, moldings, columns and roofing. Need a brass window screen? Chandler Coach has produced them in the past. 





Harley has proven his ability as a wheelwright by including wooden wheels used on early cars and trucks. For example, Chandler Coach has meticulously recreated this wheel from an early MACK truck .






Perhaps the most impressive feat accomplished at Chandler Coach is the reproduction and restoration of old machinery. When a machine comes to the shop, it is evaluated and methodically cleaned and repaired to return it to like new condition. I have actually observed a spoke throatier recreated starting with nothing more than the cutting head. 

We are proud to have Chandler Coach as the primary supplier for the Old Fashioned Farm. Call Chandler Coach when it must be historically accurate, functionally strong and uncompromisingly safe.



Dump Wagon with Rebuilt Fifth-Wheel Installed. Picture taken 6/27/2010