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Farm Animals

There are certain breeds of farm animals and poultry that  are failing to adapt to today's mass production environment.  Some of the reasons given by producers are there inability to gain weight rapidly or the failure of the animal or poultry  to thrive in a feed lot environment.. Today's breeders require animals to achieve a sale weight faster in order to increase production and therefore increase profits. It is not our intention to criticize or praise these producers or methods. Our focus is on those animals which lack the ability to adapt to the changing needs of modern producers which has resulted in their numbers dwindling to the point that some are on the verge of extinction.

The Old fashioned Farm has included in its mission the preservation of animals that are no longer popular and are in serious danger of disappearance. We rely on the information provided by The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy (ALBC),  Breed Information – ALBC Conservation Priority List to determine which breeds we should pursue.

The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy
is a non-profit organization located in North Carolina. They are dedicated to the identification of breeds of animals and poultry that are in danger of extinction. Once identified, they provide research and assistance to help breeders and individuals who believes in the importance of preservation. We are firm believers in the mission of the ALBC and encourage any individual or organization to visit the ALBC web site.

The Old Fashioned Farm does not limit the animals kept on our farm to those identified by the ALBC. We also raise other breeds of animals and poultry. We raise Bob White Quail which is becoming scarce in the wild in our area. We also have a quarter horse which is basically a pet.