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Miniature Donkey
One of the first animals we purchased for Old Fashioned Farm was a team of Miniature Donkeys.Our donkeys are classified as Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys. Our gelding is registered as KiTerra's Streaker so we call him Streaker and the jennet was Hill's First Squash who we called Squash.

Miniature Donkeys can be registered with the Miniature Donkey Registry which is associated with The American Donkey and Mule Society Inc., located in Denton, Texas. Donkey breeds are determined by adult height at the withers as follows:

NOTE: The following information was duplicated from the Transfer Form for the American Donkey Register.

36" or less Miniature
36.01 to 48" Standard
48.01 to 54" (jennets) Large Standard
48.01 to 56:(jacks) Large Standard
54" and up (jennets) Mammoth
56" and up (jacks) Mammoth

Unfortunately, we lost Squash when she died from shock following an attack by a neighbor's pit bull dog. We still have Streaker and he has found a great friend in our Quarter Horse mare, Dyna.

The Miniature Donkey is listed as Recovering on the American Livestock Breeds(ALBC), Conservation Priority List. Please refer to the ALBC web site for additional information on the status of numerous livestock and poultry breeds.